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Flats is a non-linear, dynamic TV series based in a council estate in Ireland. Each episode deals with a different flat on the estate and another persons story, opening up the theme and plot of the series to endless possibilities.

Episode I is a mystery thriller. Following the disappearance of a young boy on the estate, David Atkinson and Robin Donnelly, two men with very different motives take it upon themselves to search for him.

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Whitewash is a gripping thriller set in modern Ireland. The Gardai amid a wave of public outrage are forced to deal with the escalating gang violence in the city. Meanwhile two notorious gangs gripped in a power struggle over the cities drug trade desperately try to come to an understanding, but will the decisions they make solve the dispute or escalate the problem.

The script consists of three intertwining stories, The gardai as they investigte the gangs, the rivalry and atempt at resolution between the two gangs and the story of our main protagioninst Jason (one of the gang members) as he tries to get justice for the death of his girlfriend.

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