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In a world where nothing matters any more, two soldiers travel back in time to change their future but do they have what it takes to go through with it




Patrick Murphy

Elga Fox

Raymond S. Kinsella








Deadline is the story of Doug, a young gullible Liverpool supporter who while in the pub watching the match with his two friends Sean and James stumbles upon a ringing mobile phone hidden in the mens toilets. Curiosity gets the better of him and he answers the phone only to find himself being balckmailed by an unknown extortionist.

Dean Thompson
Brian McHale Boyle
William Kendrik


The Nixer

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Two petty criminals, tired of living on the breadline and begging for scraps, decide to branch out on their own into a life of crime. They pull off their first job but quickly realise they've messed with the wrong person. Time is now running out as they try to escape retribution...

Raymond S. Kinsella
Robert O' Connor
Mike O' Flaherty
Niell Flemming
Robbie Kane
Owen Martin Griffin
Pat Halligan
Toni Bailey


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